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Youth Speaks: May

Written By: Anonymous Youth

I first visited The Grove Wellington Guelph during my lunch break, when friends I knew from school were heading over to one of the sites to hang out. After visiting with my friends a few more times, I decided to come by the hub and participate in programming by myself. I decided to start talking to some members of The Grove team after I had come in a few times. They made me feel welcome. It really felt like they cared about me and what I had to say, so that made it a lot easier to feel comfortable and talk to them. I like to drop in at The Grove and visit with the team there because they are really easy to talk to and approachable.

When I am dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression, or personal things like new relationships and friends, I feel like I can tell them anything, and they aren’t going to be upset with me or judgmental of what I am going through. It’s really cool to have supportive adults to talk to who is nice, cool and laid back. As a young person, I would want adults to know that if your youth is pushing you away, don’t go; keep coming back; we need you. I like having somewhere to go that is calm and safe where I can talk to the team, play video games or pool, relax and listen to music. It’s awesome to have a space like The Grove to go on good days and bad.


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