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welcome to the grove Hubs

You walk in and see people relaxing on their own or in small groups and you feel that it's a safe, inclusive space where everyone is welcome. Whether you access the space by yourself or with friends, there is something for everybody. Come in to charge your phone, do
homework, play pool, have a coffee, and so much more!

Walk right in


When you walk into any of The Grove Hubs locations, you’re greeted by another youth, just like you, who chats with you and lets you know what’s happening. You can choose if you want to get involved in anything today. And maybe you do. Or maybe you don’t. But you know it’s there if and when you’re ready.


You might walk in because you’ve tried talking to your parents and your guidance counsellor. Maybe you’re on a waiting list. But you’re feeling worse and worse and today you just don’t know what to do, you don’t have anywhere to turn and you feel scared and alone.


You walk in to The Grove Hubs and over 30 community agencies are ready for you, on your terms. No stigma. No shame. At The Grove Hubs, we focus on prevention and intervention, providing tools and support before mental health concerns become a crisis. And we are proud to be a safe space in your neighbourhood or community--a place where you feel welcomed, where you belong, and a place you trust.


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