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Our Youth
Our story

The Grove Hubs centre youth in their own mental health and wellness story. For too long, the youth mental health system has been like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.


Think of it this way: the current system is designed to divide people into pieces. And you have to navigate this complex system yourself. Dealing with bullying? Visit this website. Having problems in your relationship? Read this brochure. Depression or anxiety? Call this number. Addictions? Look here. Talk to your doctor. Get on the waiting list. Try knocking on this door. Again. And if you finally get an appointment, you’re in the waiting room, looking around at other people who are looking at you and you all know you’re here to “get fixed” too.


The way out of this youth mental health crisis is not about digging deeper; it’s about adding on. Giving our youth new skills, tools, and ways to reach out for support. This story is about meeting our youth where they are right now, with open doors, minds, and hearts.

Teenagers in Nature

Our youth don’t need a system where they just get one piece of the puzzle at a time, and keep trying harder and harder to solve the puzzle when pieces are still missing.



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