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Transforming Services so youth get what they need at the right time all in one place.

7 sites 1 door!


Want to learn more about how Canada is transforming youth mental health services. These three videos explain how this transformation is happening on a local level, a provincial level and a pan Canadian level. The Grove YWHO – Wellington Guelph has embraced this model and is open to all 46,000 youth in Wellington County and Guelph.


Video 2: Working with existing community service providers to build capacity and deliver the right type of care when it’s needed.

Interested in learning more:

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario

Video 3: Dr. Jo Henderson, speaks about how the YWHO model is transforming how Ontario delivers care and how this integrated model working across Canada.


Video 1: The history of The Grove YWHO - Wellington Guelph. How we took a whole community approach to build a comprehensive youth centred system.

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