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Youth Speaks: June

Written By: Anonymous Youth

The Grove Wellington Guelph site at the University of Guelph and their team exude a welcoming and inviting energy. I love stopping by the site because I am met with warmth and helpful support from The Grove team. I first learned about the site through social media and was encouraged to drop by because it offered a quiet place to study on campus and a welcoming environment to hangout, and enjoy some snacks. Since spending some time at The Grove, my view of mental health has both broadened and strengthened, I have learned so much about inclusivity and addressing some of the stigmas surrounding mental health.

It is really nice to have a safe space on campus to stop by, typically I participate most in the recreational programming and peer support offered by The Grove team, but I also like to drop by to have a snack and coffee in a quiet space while I am studying. As a student, it can be difficult to find the right balance between work, personal life and school, and sometimes it would be nice for adults to understand that youth are all just trying their best, and that sometimes we just need someone to listen to us when we share our experiences or what we are going through.

It is nice to have The Grove site and the people there to work through these things and learn about mental health and wellness. A message that I would pass along to other youth who might feel like they are struggling or are also trying to balance their responsibilities is to give yourself grace, be kind to yourself and remember that all good things take time.


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