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Youth Speaks: July

Written By: Anonymous Youth

I first learned about The Grove Wellington Guelph when a friend from school and I decided to hang out at the Fergus site. I don’t do a whole lot at home, so coming to The Grove is fun, and there’s alway something to do. I really enjoy coming to Art with Christine because I like to draw and paint. I like spending time in the art room and dropping in with my friends when we feel like hanging out together. I keep coming back to The Grove because it's a fun space to be with friends or to be alone. The Grove is a place for teens and young adults to hang out and a place where you can have fun, enjoy activities, and talk to people. I have noticed spending time at The Grove has had a positive impact on my mood and mental health, and my friends as well. Anyone can benefit from stopping by.

Not everything is the same as when our parents were kids. Things are VERY different; life’s changed. Sometimes parents ask youth to dress or act in specific ways, but we want to be able to express ourselves and our personalities our way, not theirs's. Social media has played a big role in our lives which can be both good and bad for us, it can have a big impact. Social media can change the way you think about other aspects of life. There's a lot of hate, and you can feel influenced as a little kid and believe something is wrong when that’s not the case at all. I feel like I can trust every employee who works at The Grove and talk about these kinds of things. The overall atmosphere is a safe space, and it's a good feeling to have when you walk in and get to feel comfortable and at home.

I strongly encourage any youth to check out The Grove. Overall, it's a fantastic place to come hang out with friends, do some fun activities, and, most importantly, speak to someone who cares and wants to listen to your story. I wouldn’t change anything about The Grove. Sometimes, taking the first step to seeking help can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as keeping a journal or writing notes on your phone. But don't keep your emotions or thoughts to yourself; let them out and take advantage of the resources you have access to.

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