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Youth Speaks:April

Written By: Cyndy Dearden

A youth recently shared their experience with The Grove Wellington Guelph. After

utilizing local counselling services through The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA WW), they were introduced to The Grove Wellington Guelph’s integrated services model and encouraged to stop by. They shared that when they first heard about The Grove, they thought it would be a place to hang out with friends, relax and participate in recreational activities.

Since they started visiting, it’s become a safe and comfortable space for them to play Xbox and pool with friends, and they continue to access counselling support and services at their local site. The youth explained that they appreciate that they can come to The Grove Wellington Guelph when they need a distraction and that sometimes it can be hard to deal with mental health struggles, but The Grove staff and the people they’ve met have provided them with confidence and support.

Since this youth has been receiving support from The Grove Wellington Guelph, they feel like they have a better sense of community and know they have people there for them, encouraging them to stay positive and show up for themselves. They like that they can hang out in these spaces and benefit from The Grove's services and that their friends are always welcome.

The youth shared that the past few years have been difficult for them to stay focused and motivated, making it hard to go to class, do their homework and participate. Sometimes they wish that parents, teachers and other adults could consider some of the youth's challenges and be a bit more understanding.

They have learned that they should try their best no matter what, and sometimes showing up is better than nothing. The youth advises other young people who are struggling in school or keeping up in class; “it is important to try and show up for yourself even if it is not at 100%,” they said. The Grove Wellington Guelph has taught them that doing your best is a step forward no matter what.

This youth believes that most young people in the community can benefit from The Grove's services, “it’s a place where you can hang out and meet new people.” The services will always be available, even if the youth don’t feel like talking to anyone or seeking counselling immediately. The youth explained to us that sometimes caring for your mental health and getting support is as easy as hanging out with friends in a comfortable environment and talking to a friendly face willing to listen. The youth feels grateful to have The Grove Wellington Guelph offer a safe space and community available to support them.


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