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The Grove Wellington Guelph Presents: Youth Speaks

Written By: Anonymous Youth

I first heard about The Grove Wellington Guelph when it was introduced to me by The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). I thought it could be a cool place to hang out with my friends, relax, play games, and participate in other fun activities. Since visiting The Grove, it has become a safe and comfortable space for me to play Xbox and pool with my friends and get different types of support, like counselling. I like that I can go to The Grove when I need a distraction from things like school and family. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with my mental health struggles, but The Grove staff and the people I have met there make me feel cared for and have provided me with confidence and support. It is nice to know that spaces like The Grove exist because there is always someone there to listen and people I can spend time with

Since coming to The Grove, I feel like I have a space I fit in and like knowing I have people there for me if I need it. I feel encouraged to stay positive and show up for myself. I really like that I can hang out in these spaces and benefit from all the things that The Grove provides, but also that my friends can come too.

The past few years have made it tough to stay focused and motivated, which sometimes makes it hard for me to go to class, do my homework, and participate. I wish parents, teachers and other adults could remember some of the challenges we have faced and be a little bit more understanding. Something I don’t think adults understand about us young people is that we are all different but still capable of making decisions for ourselves.

One thing I have learned is that trying your best no matter what is an important step, and sometimes just showing up is better than nothing. This is the advice I would give to other young people who are having difficulty in school or keeping up in class – it is important to try and to show up for yourself even if it is not at 100%. My friends at The Grove have taught me that doing your best is a step forward no matter what.

As a young person, I think most youth can benefit from the services The Grove provides. Even if you don’t feel like talking to anyone or feel like you need counseling services, you can still go hangout and meet new people. Plus, if you change your mind one day, the services are always available to you. Sometimes caring for your mental health and getting support is not as serious as it seems, and it can be as easy as hanging out with your friends in a comfortable environment or talking to a friendly face who is willing to listen. With so much going on in our lives today, youth in the community are lucky to have such an awesome space and community available to us.


The Grove Wellington Guelph (formerly the Integrated Youth Services Network) is a collaborative project with the aim of providing youth ages 12-26 with the support they need to build positive, bright futures. The goal of The Grove Wellington Guelph is to build a more effective health and social service system, through integration and collaboration, to better meet the needs of youth in Wellington County & Guelph. The Grove Wellington Guelph currently includes seven sites across Guelph and Wellington County utilizing the benefit of “one door”, while networking sites. At each site, youth will be given access to programs and services that provide guidance and support for the future.

From education and career support, to counselling and peer-to-peer programs, The Grove Wellington Guelph facilities will provide help and encouragement to every youth in the community.

The Grove Wellington Guelph includes 7 sites across Guelph and Wellington County.

Open Now:

The Grove Wellington Guelph – Palmerston Site

The Grove Wellington Guelph – Main Place – Erin Site

The Grove Wellington Guelph – Fergus Site

The Grove Wellington Guelph – University of Guelph Site

The Grove Wellington Guelph – The YMCA of Three Rivers – Guelph Site

The Grove Wellington Guelph - Shelldale Family Gateway Site

Future Sites:

The Grove Wellington Guelph - CMHA Waterloo Wellington – North Guelph Site

Facebook: @thegrovehubs

Instagram: @thegrovehubs


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