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Get Ready for Exams with Grove tutors, Leanne and Mckinley

Exams are fast approaching for post-secondary students and on the horizon for high school students. We want to give you some tips from two of our incredible tutors at The Grove. Leanne and Mckinely are both tutors at our sites and they answered some of our questions on tips for studying and advice for how to manage the stress of exams. 

What are good study habits that students should know about? 

Leanne: Some fantastic habits are to practice as many questions as possible until you are confident enough that you can explain your solution to someone who knows nothing about the subject. I would also say to carve out time in your day to study without distractions. But it is also helpful to be a part of study groups and ask each other questions or work together to solve harder concepts. It is also important to take a quick break every now and then to help your mind reset. I highly recommend taking a 5-10-minute break and getting yourself moving (stretching, yoga, getting a coffee etc). The BIGGEST thing to remember is that your exam mark in school will not be the end of the world.  Just do your best and go from there.  I have failed an exam and thought my life was over. I learned from what I did wrong and managed to pass the course. A failing grade is not the end.  Keep your head up! 

McKinley:  It is easy to leave all your studying for the night before a big test or exam. Unfortunately, cramming is not the best strategy. I have found that consistently reviewing material and asking questions helps me the most. My favourite way to study is to teach the subject to another person, whether this be a parent or friend. Verbalizing the content helps you recall the information and identify gaps in your knowledge. If studying with friends, it may help to divide up large chunks of information and then come together and teach each other what you learned. This holds you accountable for your learning and the learning of others.

What are some tips you’d give to students stressing about exams? 

Leanne: Everyone has slightly different study habits and it’s okay to study differently than your friends. I find it extremely helpful to go through old quizzes, assignments, and midterms and redo them to make sure you can understand all the concepts from the start of the course. Check to see if your teacher/professor offered any exam prep help as well.  If they offer an exam outline or tell you the main study areas, then I would definitely focus on that. It is ok to email your profs with any questions or to just get help with understanding a tricky question. Do your best to eat healthy snacks and get a decent amount of sleep before each exam.

McKinley: Exams can be stressful and overwhelming but it is important to take care of yourself during this time. Some tips that I have for students studying for exams would be to make a to-do list/schedule, take breaks, keep up with healthy habits such as exercise and eating full meals, and ask for help when needed. With these tips, you can help yourself stay calm and focused, despite the pressure you face.

At The Grove Wellness Hubs, we have several wonderful sites across the Guelph-Wellington region. Each of our locations provides a safe and inclusive space welcome to all the youth in our community. If you need a place to come and focus on your exams we have many tables and rooms available. In these study spaces, you can access free wifi, request tutoring services, and connect with other youth who are experiencing the same stresses during the exam season.

If you are interested in learning more about The Grove’s study resources and tutor support, reach out to


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