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2023 Year in Review

Today at The Grove our sites are loud and full of energy. Some of the youth are receiving guitar lessons offered by one of our volunteers; some are grabbing a snack, a few have appointments with the Youth Wellness team for support, a bunch are playing basketball, and others are hanging out with friends.  

The year 2023 was a milestone at The Grove. We saw more youth than ever before.    

  • Over 32,000 youth visits across our sites  

  • 4,000 visits for wellness and recreation  

  • 1,600 visits for employment and education support  

  • 1,100 visits with our clinical team

Here are just a few voices from The Grove Hubs—youth who stepped forward to share why The Grove matters to them. You are part of all our stories!  


“It’s nice that the staff also genuinely tries to engage with us, like playing board games or building a puzzle. They make it feel like The Grove is not just a place to talk about our personal experiences but to allow us to build new relationships and get to know others with similar interests.”  

“The overall atmosphere is a safe space, and it’s a good feeling to have when you walk in and get to feel at home.” 

“Sometimes caring for your mental health and getting support is as easy as hanging out with friends in a comfortable environment and talking to a friendly face willing to listen.”   


Tiffany, the Grove Team Lead based out of our site in Palmerston shares her experience connecting with youth this past year, with a focus on what they need.    

Our team of professional, youth-focused leaders regularly share stories of impact and growth. Daily, they see the benefit of your donations to youth and how your support is making a true difference.  

The data backs up what we see daily. Youth who visit Youth Wellness Hubs are experiencing the following positive impact:  

  • 41.5% increase in youth self-reported Mental Health  

  • 34% decrease in suicidal ideation  

  • 14% decrease in anxiety  

  • 13% decrease in depression  

  • 6.5% decrease in psychological distress  

  • 3.1% decrease in substance use  

This is occurring because of you and your generous support. As we look ahead to 2024, we continue to be optimistic about the bright future that lies ahead for youth. The newest Grove site, in the north end of Guelph, will open up in the next few weeks, the site at Shelldale Family Gateway in the west end of Guelph will be fully operational by the spring, and the site in the south end of Guelph at the YMCA of Three Rivers will open its doors very soon for even more youth.  

Thank you for your amazing support of The Grove! You are always invited to contact me directly with questions about our work or about your support in action. I’m happy to provide additional information and updates or welcome you on a tour. I’m here to help connect you with the impact of your generosity!  


Our best wishes to you as we move into 2024.  


Jeffrey Hoffman  

Interim Executive Director and Chief Development Officer  




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