The Grove Hubs are your one-stop-shop for youth mental health and wellness. By youth, for youth.



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When you walk into any of The Grove Hubs locations, you’re greeted by another youth, just like you, who chats with you and lets you know what’s happening. You can choose if you want to get involved in anything today. And maybe you do. Or maybe you don’t. But you know it’s there if and when you’re ready.

A place to grow.

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A place to connect.

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A place to stay.

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Need help getting here? Use Ride well

Ride Well is an effort created by Wellington County to provide demand-based public transit in Wellington County and Guelph. It is based on the rideshare model of operation and allows for a reliable alternative to owning and operating a personal vehicle. This service operates between the hours of 6:00 am - 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday.


This service is available to book a ride by app, website, or phone.
Phone : 1.833.900.RIDE(7433) 

Learn more here.

Access the consent form here.

Share your feedback with us on Ride Well.

Take the Kindness Pledge 

The kindness pledge is a promise that individuals, groups and businesses can take to make their communities more kind and inclusive. The point of the pledge is to better educate the community and create a large group of people that are committed to learning so they can better support marginalized groups to make a more kind and inclusive community. The pledge is a simple three step process that takes under 5 minutes to take.